C/N/S elemental analyser (LECO TruMac carbon, sulphur and nitrogen analyser)

Gas chromatography (GC) (Trace 1310 — FID/TCD)

GC-mass spectrometry (MS) (Trace 1300 — ISQ LT EI/CI)

GC-isotope ratio MS (Trace 1300 — Delta V Plus

GHG-GC (Trace 1300 — FID/ECD)

Size exclusion chromatography (LC-OCD-OND; Doc Labor Stuttgart)

UV-VIS / FDOM CDOM spectrometer (Aqualog, HPLC Flowcell)

Portable DOC analyser (M5310 C)

Ion chromatography (Integrion RIFC, RFID; anion/cation configuration)

Nutrient analyser for seawater and freshwater (Gallery Plus)

DIC coulometer (UIC Inc.)

Advanced aquarium facilities

State of the art aquarium (360 m2)

Saltwater system 60 000 litres

Freshwater system 15 000 litres

Eight independent climate controlled wet laboratories, each with gas mixing supplies

Marine ecology and deep sea technology

Deep-sea respirometer to measure sea floor metabolism (rated to 6 km depth)

Deep-sea micro profiling lander to measure sediment porewater profiles (rated to 6 km depth)

Deep-sea camera platform for short (24 hour) and long-term (>1 year) time-lapse investigations at the sea floor (rated to 6 km depth)

Lab-based benthic flux chambers (40) and 3D micro-profiling systems

Modelling and visualisation

3D visualisation suite


Digital PCR cycler (QS 3D)

Quantitative PCR cycler (QS 3)

Sediment tube