57th British Sedimentological Research Group Annual General Meeting


Heriot-Watt University, The Lyell Centre and the British Geological Survey (Edinburgh).


Professor Dorrik Stow (d.stow@hw.ac.uk) and Dr Zeinab Smillie (z.smillie@hw.ac.uk).


The 57th British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG) Annual General Meeting will be held in the city of Edinburgh from 16–19 December 2018. This is a joint invitation from Heriot-Watt University (HWU), the British Geological Survey (BGS Edinburgh) and the newly-formed Lyell Centre. In addition to the complete range of sedimentary topics, we will offer a special focus on Applied sedimentology for the 21st century.

Edinburgh is a fantastic venue for a meeting at any time of year. The surrounding region offers some classic field trip opportunities. The World Heritage city centre offers an intriguing history and a plethora of building stones, pubs and coffee shops, as well as Hutton's quarry on Arthur's Seat.


18–19 December: The James Watt Conference Centre, HWU, Edinburgh.


Potential workshops on 17 December include

  • advanced laboratory methods in sedimentology
  • deep-sea marine research
  • North Sea cores
  • depositional environments
George Bruce core store teaching area

Field trips

Potential field excursions on 17 and 20 December include:

  • the Carboniferous of the Midland Valley of Scotland — from oil shale to reservoir
  • Iapetus Ocean turbidites and the Siccar Point unconformity
  • building stones of Edinburgh
  • Spireslack quarry: a sediment laboratory

Registration and icebreaker

17 December at the Lyell Centre, featuring a special-brew 'BSRG Ale 2018'.

Posters and exhibition

The James Watt Conference Centre, including e-posters.


Both on-campus and city centre accommodation will be available.

Registration dates and cost

To be announced.

Lyell Centre
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