Field trips

Monday 17th December

Siccar Point and Pease Bay Fieldtrip

Visit Hutton's Unconformity at Siccar point and explore the Explore the Devonian - Carboniferous succession on the East Coast of Scotland. Including the best Devonian 3D trough cross bedding in Scotland and Carboniferous fossil forests forming on marine limestones!

Fluvial Geo-modelling (Pease Bay)

Field–based Geomodelling of Fluvial Reservoirs Analogues This on–day workshop mirrors the reservoir modelling steps industry takes for simulation studies in fluvial reservoirs. In the field, we consider reservoir properties at various scales – from centrimetric core plug data up to decametric flow units over interwell scales in various Devono-Carboniferous systems. Limitations of the various data used to constrain the models – cores, logs, well test and seismic – will be referenced.

Edinburgh Building Stones trip

A tour of the building stones used in Edinburgh buildings, ending at the drinks reception.

Thursday 20th December

Spireslack Quarry Fieldtrip

A field trip to Spireslack quarry site, which is being proposed for a Geopark. The excellently exposed geology includes deformed limestone layers, fluvial sands, coal layers and a view into some of the older underground mining techniques. The fluvial succession is capped by marine layers, and faulting and folding have created interesting structural deformation throughout the mine.


Monday 17th December

Core Store, SEM & Flume Tank rotating Workshops

A close–up examination of the study of fluvial sedimentary structures, the resulting textures and how they affect fluid flow. This workshop includes flume tank experiments, sedimentary cores, examining samples using SEM techniques for details of the texture, and how research in to pore–scale modelling is used to predict fluid flow.

Contourites: seismic and sediment characteristics

Contourites are a key component of deepwater sedimentary systems but remain little known to many. This one-day workshop will present a state–of–the–art synthesis of our current knowledge of contourites, in terms of their seismic attributes, seafloor morphology, and sediment characteristics. It will combine brief lecture presentations with hands–on practical sessions, including seismic profiles, wireline logs, and core/outcrop photographs.

Ice breaker

The icebreaker will be hosted at the Signet Library; one of Edinburgh's finest Georgian buildings. Date: Monday 17th December 2018, 7.00pm Venue: The Signet Library, Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RF.

Talks and posters

Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 19th

The talks and posters sessions will be at:

Edinburgh Conference Centre
Heriot–Watt University
Riccarton, Edinburgh
EH14 4AS
t: +44 (0) 131 451 3115
f: +44 (0) 131 451 3199

The Edinburgh Conference Centre is located in the beautiful grounds of the Heriot–Watt University campus, 6 miles from the city centre. It is ten minutes from Edinburgh International Airport and is just off the city centre bypass which connects with Scotland's motorway network, making it easily accessible from all over Scotland and beyond.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held at the base of the iconic Arthurs Seat, at Edinburgh’s Geological visitor attraction: Dynamic Earth.

Holyrood Rd,

You will be sitting just below where James Hutton observed that igneous rocks must intrude into sedimentary rocks rather than them both being laid down in layers as was believed at the time!


If you would like to contact the conveners together, you are able to do so by emailing

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