BGS staff at The Lyell Centre

Baptie,Amelia Jane
Mrs Amelia Baptie
Senior Geospatial Analyst
Blackburn,Colin Graham
Mr Colin Blackburn
Senior Software Developer

Ms Jennifer Bow
GIS Specialist

Diaz Doce,Diego
Mr Diego Diaz Doce
GIS Analyst / Developer
Duffy,Timothy R
Mr Tim Duffy
Head of Geoscience Interoperability

No photo
Miss Alison Dunlop
Geo\-Information Ingestion Officer
Miss Alison Fernie
Geo\-Information / Corporate Records Manager

Filgueira,Rosa Vicente
Dr Rosa Filgueira
Senior Data Scientist
Henni,Paul HO
Mr Paul Henni
Data Manager

Jeffery,Keith George
Prof Keith Jeffery
Band 4 Scientist
Lawrie,Kenneth I G
Mr Ken Lawrie
Database and Applic Des Spec

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Mr Robert McIntosh
B5 Senior Librarian
Mowat,Mary Roslyn
Miss Mary Mowat
Marine and Info Data Manager

Owen,Roderick J
Mr Roderick Owen
Metadata Manager
No photo
Mr Simon Piper

No photo
Miss Anne Richardson
Data Manager
Smith,Nichola Ann
Mrs Nikki Smith
Senior GIS Specialist and Business Dev (Informatics)

Mr Michael Togher
Collections Manager