BGS staff at The Lyell Centre

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Mr David Baxter
Offshore Mechanical Engineer
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Mr Ewan Brown
Mechanical Design Engineer

Carter,Gareth Daniel Oliver
Mr Gareth Carter
Marine Geoscientist

Cotterill,Carol Jacqueline
Dr Carol Cotterill
Marine and Coastal Geoscientist
Mr Dayton Dove
Marine Geoscientist

Everest,Jeremy Duncan
Dr Jeremy Everest
Glacial Geologist
Gafeira,Joana da Luz
Dr Joana Gafeira
Marine Geoscientist

Gatliff,Robert W
Mr Robert Gatliff
Science Director, Marine Geoscience
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Mr Keith Gibson
B8 Technical Grade 1

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Miss Eileen Gillespie
Scientific/Technical Support
Green,Sophie Louise
Miss Sophie Green
Marine Geoscientist

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Mr Joseph Hothersall
Offshore Mechanical Engineer
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Miss Kirstin Johnson
Petroleum and Basin Analyst

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Mr William Lewis
Boat Skipper
McGowan,Garry George
Mr Garry McGowan
Mechanical Engineer

McInroy,David Burns
Mr David McInroy
Hydrocarbons Geoscientist
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Mr Iain Pheasant
Head Mechanical Engineer

Phillips,Emrys R
Prof Emrys Phillips
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Mr Connor Richardson
Offshore Mechanical Engineer

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Eur Ing Lubica Slabon
Operations and Logistics Coordinator
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Mr David Smith
IODP ESO Operations Manager

Stewart,Heather Ann
Miss Heather Stewart
Offshore Geotechnics
Thompson,James Roderick
Mr James Thompson
BA for Marine Geoscience

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Mr Apostolos Tsiligiannis
Electrical Engineer
Tulloch,Graham J
Mr Graham Tulloch
Scottish Collection Administor

Westhead,Robert Keith
Dr Keith Westhead
Marine and Coastal Geologist
Mr Michael Wilson
Offshore Electrical Engineer